Marcos Alonso is off to a magical start in the Premier League, 1 Goal, 2 assists, and has taken 12 shots, the most by any Chelsea player this Season. Now before you say but hey Marcos Alonso is not effective defensively, let me drop some stats on you, Alonso has made 19 clearances this season, more than any other Chelsea Player, 9 Headed Clearances and has completed 8 tackles which isΒ more than both David Luiz and Antonio Rudiger (They’re Centre-Backs, so just saying). Yes, Alonso has his weaknesses defensively but the Spaniard deserves a lot more credit than Criticism and Maurizio Sarri seems to agree with me.

“Alonso I think at the moment in this position, left-back, he is maybe the best in Europe, Physical qualities at top level, I think. He’s doing very well in the offensive phase. I also think he can improve in the defensive phase. He could be the best left-back in the world.”

Alonso has time and again proved himself as Chelsea’s crunch time Player, someone the Blues can always back on when the Chips are down. I think it was a realization that struck all of us last Season, When Chelsea had a turbulent start to the Season, with injuries, lack of transfers and a whole bunch of controversies. The Blues went to face Tottenham with Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas suspended and Eden Hazard out injured. Alonso scored a stunning free-kick in the First half and when Spurs equalized in the 82nd Minute Alonso strived forward and scored the winner 6 minutes later.

Even in the games against Newcastle and Arsenal, it was Alonso who broke the deadlock for Chelsea converting 2 certain draws into wins. Alonso may not be the best Left-Back in Europe like Sarri says, but in terms of consistency and his defensive improvements, it’s safe to say he’s well on his way to becoming the best in the Premier League.


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