Maurizio Sarri has publicly criticized Chelsea talisman Eden Hazard stating that he does not have any Leadership qualities.

Constructive criticism from Maurizio Sarri seems to have ignited something in Eden Hazard as the Belgian seems to be back at his best. Sarri questioned Hazard’s qualities as a leader on the pitch and called him a player with more individualistic qualities on the pitch. Hazard’s response was first with his feet on the pitch as he put in one of his better performances this Season.

Hazard scored a scintillating Goal and spoke in the post-match interview about his Manager’s comments, 

“To be fair I don’t care – I just play my football and it doesn’t matter what the manager says, I’m always focused on this team and I just want to do my best for this team.” 

If Hazard plays this kind of Football week in week out they wouldn’t mind Sarri criticizing Hazard more often. 

It’s hard to believe that till almost a decade ago Sarri was a Banker with no connection to professional Football whatsoever and now not only is he a masterful tactician but is also a very good manager of his players. Here’s what Sarri had to say about the Situation.

“I prefer him when he speaks with his feet. The potential is higher than the performances, I think. Hazard was very good, especially for 60-65 minutes – wonderful,”   

Sarri would be especially proud of the way his players reacted on the pitch and came together as a team especially considering he had lashed out at all of them after the Arsenal game. He questioned their mentality and stated that the team will not be known for their battling and fighting qualities, the players would be keen to put in another good performance against Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup.

Some media outlets have started linking Eden Hazard to Real Madrid once again and given that Hazard will have just one year left on his Chelsea contract at the end of the Season, the criticism may just backfire. There is a very fine line that Sarri is treading with this kind of criticism, if it goes well he could get a response out of his team and really inspire them but if he overdoes it he could, for lack of a better word, Jose Mourinho the Situation. To go with all these complications Hazard has still no clear stance on his contract situations with just ambiguity surrounding the whole situation. Chelsea will need clarity on the Situation and maybe be a little more careful in the Future. 

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