The Argentine star footballer, Lionel Messi repeats the same iconic gestures of the Brazilian legend 49 years later on Saturday. 

It happened on June 21, 1970, at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico. One of the most spectacular World Cup finals of all time was played, in which Brazil beat Italy by four goals to one. Pele, the legendary Brazilian football player, gave the most remembered image of that World Cup, when he celebrated the victory climbing on his teammate Jairzinho, raising his right fist to the sky, with a smile of indescribable satisfaction as he put his other arm around the neck of number 7 Brazilian. It is a photograph that is seen a thousand times.

Against Seville, in the victory of Barcelona 2-4, as if he wanted to repeat the image, Leo Messi was the protagonist of a practically traced photograph. Almost 50 years later, the Argentine star celebrated one of his goals climbing on Dembele and repeating all gestures: right fist to heaven, left arm around the neck of his partner, smile of euphoria to the wind. Only the dorsal of the crack support changes. If in Mexico it was 7 of Jairzinho, this time it was 11 of Dembele.

The similarity of the two photographs is surprising and the football quality of the two main characters still gives more prominence to the comparison. Pele was, at that time, the best footballer on the planet. Leo Messi is now without discussion. He showed it again in Seville. Although the two games cannot be compared by importance, the commitment, happiness, and euphoria of two of the greatest players of all time is exactly the same. In Mexico in 1970, in the Spanish League in 2019, the picture is quite really same.

The exhibition of Messi was the best news of the Barca in the Pizjuan. But also the worst, as if not for the Argentine, yesterday the Catalan club would have lost the game. Messi is the best and decides the meetings, it is normal, but another thing is an excessive dependence and have to win it alone, the way it happened on Saturday. On an optimistic note, the outburst of Messi should be a turning point for the team, after a few games of gray and before a big week in which they can sentence the Champions League and qualify for the Cup final.

Messi pulled the car too much alone and now the rest of the players must join before it’s too late. With a crack at this level, if the team recovers the tone, they are in time to make history this season. From Saturday duel, we also have to highlight, on a positive level, Valverde’s reading of the game and the changes in the break. And also the quality minutes of Alena who deserves to be a starter in the big match.

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