Former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has banished claims he mishandled Mohamed Salah during their time together at Chelsea, saying he “fell in love” with him when he played for Basel and he didn’t push the Blues management to sell the Egyptian footballer. 

In 2014, Mohamed Salah was bought by Chelsea from Swiss club Basel. The Blues were then coached by Jose Mourinho. Coming to Stamford Bridge, Salah failed to show his true potential after only appearing 19 times with two goals and four assists. The Egyptian player lost the race to Oscar, Willian, Andre Schurrle, and Eden Hazard.

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Salah was subsequently loaned to Fiorentina, then sold to Roma in the summer of 2016. After a strong season in Italy, he joined Liverpool and has gone to score 61 goals in 82 appearances on Merseyside, becoming one of the world’s deadliest attackers. Since he shined, Mourinho’s name was repeatedly carried around. The manager is considered unable to maximize Salah and then releasing him.

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“When the club decided to sell him, it was not me. I bought him, I didn’t sell him, and my relationship with him was good, is good,” he told.
“I think that he doesn’t regret that move because everything went well. Everything went well for him and the progression went well for him but, at that moment, he was just a kid with a huge desire to play every week, every minute and we couldn’t give him it.”

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Not many thought Salah would shine brightly with the Reds by registering 44 goals in all competitions on his debut season. This season Salah’s performance is still flashy. He has recorded 14 goals in the Premier League and led the top scorer standings with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Harry Kane, and that is making Chelsea’s decision to sell him all the more difficult for the club’s fans to swallow.

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Mourinho added, “Lots of things have been told that are not true. People try to identify me with the coach that sold Salah; I am the coach that bought Salah. It’s completely the wrong idea.
“I played against Basel in the Champions League. Salah was a kid in Basel. When I play against a certain team, I analyze the team and the players for quite a long time and I fell in love with that kid. I bought the kid.
“I pushed the club to buy him and, at the time, we already had fantastic attacking players – [Eden] Hazard, Willian – we had top talent there. But I told [Chelsea] to buy that kid.
“He was more a winger coming inside more than a striker like he is now.”

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