There is an abundance of cricketers who enjoy the limelight, attention, love, and respect they receive so generously from their fans, all people who take up cricket do not have the same fate. Let us have a look at all those unfortunate cricketers.

  • Amol Mazumdar

We often hear that ‘timing is everything’. Unfortunately for a lot of the cricketers, that proved to be a big problem. Their entry timing clashing with big names, causing them to unnecessarily struggle through it all. Muzumdar had a great score record of 11174 runs made in 171 matches. He was definitely an exceptional player as he made a debut score of 260 runs when he played in the match against Haryana. However, it is extremely saddening because during his time, he had competitors like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly which took the limelight away from him and he was unable to make it to the middle order.

  • Rajinder Goel

A similar predicament as the above, Goel was unable to be a part of the National Team, because there existed 4 extremely good spinners already. Goel, however, was one of the finest spin bowlers India had, according to Sunil Gavaskar. He had picked up a record number of 750 wickets at the First-Class level, which is the most number of wickets every taken.

  • Mohammad Amir

The wrong path is always attractive, especially when you’re young and naive. At 18 years of age, in 2010, he was found guilty on match-fixing and was banned from playing cricket for 5 years. Which is very sad because he was a very talented fast bowler who was proved challenging for established batsmen. He was in a position of importance and respect and even Wasim Akram had mentioned that this young man is was better than him when he was 18. The spot-fixing scandal ruined his life.

  • Simon Jones

In 2005, during in the Ashes match, when England beat Australia, Jones was a part of the glorious team. He had been receiving a lot of acclaim for his performance in previous and was vouched for by a number of people. Not only was a National Hero, but also was considered to be one of the greatest bowlers England could have had at that point in time. Unfortunately, during this very match for which he was selected based on his history and caliber, he suffered a fatal knee injury while sliding on a floor to catch a ball.

  • Raman Lamba

Raman Lamba was a right-handed batsman who played a total of 4 test matches and 32 ODI’s for India.

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