Jose Mourinho has been one of the greatest Managers in the modern era. He holds the record for the Longest Football Unbeaten Home Run by a Manager (9 Years with Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid), Most Games Unbeaten at Home in the Premier League by a Manager (77 with Chelsea) and Most Champions League’s Won at Different Clubs by a Manager (With Porto and Inter Milan). But apart from all these impressive records, there comes another that would scare Manchester United fans, Jose Mourinho hasn’t lasted after the third Season at any Club he’s managed. Guess what, it is his third Season at United and following his alleged fallout with star man Paul Pogba, Public Criticism of the Manchester United Players & Board and the loss over the weekend to Brighton & Hove Albion things aren’t looking up for Mourinho.

Tactical Mastermind to a Whiner Baby

Mourinho not only knew how to set his team up on the pitch but the Portuguese Manager used to play mind games with the opposition’s Manager long before the game would be played and more often than not he would come out on top. For instance, in 2014 Mourinho would take sly digs at Arsene Wenger and claim that he has no fear of losing out on his brilliant record against Arsenal (As Chelsea Manager) because Wenger had eight trophyless years and that Jose termed as a failure. No Surprises, Chelsea went on to beat Arsenal 6-0 a month after that Statement.

From being a Manager who won the League in every Club he managed (Before United) to a 55-Year-Old man-child who throws tantrums and complains about everything. Jose has publicly criticised his players and has dug himself a hole that seems almost impossible to climb. Let’s face it, Mourinho was always arrogant and cocky but at the same time he was a serial winner (25 Major titles) so somewhere down the line it seemed like his behavior was justified. But since that devastating 2015-16 Season at Chelsea Mourinho hasn’t looked the same, sure he’s won a Europa League and was second only to an almost invincible Manchester City team last Season but Mourinho was infamous for winning League Titles. At Manchester United, he’s failed to do so and has gone on to blame the Players, the Media, the Referees and almost everyone but himself.

Mourinho has spread a negativity at the Club that was once so respected and worshipped by admirers of the beautiful game and if the Manchester United Board wants to see change Mourinho will have to get the sack soon.


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