Apart from the IPL winners, the next most exciting thing is the Orange Cap and the Purple Cap which is something everyone looks forward to.

At the moment, in the race for the Orange cap, we have Kane Williamson leading with 688 runs and it appears likely that he would have the cap in hand. This is due to the fact that SRH would be playing and his score would be pushed up for sure. His win is possible because, second in line is Rishabh Pant, who would not be able to take over since his team is out of the race. Ambati Rayudu would have to hit a century and more to be able to take over Williamson. The rest of the players, who are at the top of the line for the Orange Cap belong to teams that won’t be playing anymore and hence, their chances are gone.

As for the Purple Cap, Rashid Khan has the possibility of winning the Purple Cap and so does Siddarth Kaul. The leader at the moment with the most number of wickets is Andrew Tye, who would not be playing since KXIP is now out. Tye’s score is 24 wickets and there is a higher chance of Khan beating that record than it is of Kaul. There is no chance of Shardul Thakur taking over due to the fact that score over 11 wickets which is not possible. Hence any member from CSK is out of the league. The rest of the players who stand 4th and below in line for the Purple Cap are the people who would not be playing anymore and so, they are out of the race as well. 

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