After recent reports have indicated that the English FA will look to reduce the number of foreigners in each team in the Premier League from next season, with an upper limit of 12 non-British players in each squad. 

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of this decision and the impact it will have on the teams in the Premier League.


Just like in Brexit, the main intention of this being implemented was to promote and safeguard the interests of the British players playing in the Premier League as well as all the other lower leagues of English football. The Premier League has been on numerous occasions been criticized for having below par youth academies and have been criticized for not being able to properly develop young players – This of course mainly pointed towards some of the newer teams rather than teams like Manchester United and Liverpool who have had outstanding academies over the years. 

As seen in the case of Jordan Sancho and also Mason Mount who have done so very well in leagues abroad, It may just be a good thing that the Premier League becomes more inclined towards the growth and development of the English players. This would intern play a role in the betterment of the English national team. With more English players getting an opportunity in the leagues, Gareth Southgate will have a greater pool of talent to pick from while shaping the English senior national team. 

Another major aspect would be the fact that England are probably enjoying a golden period in youth development, something that hasn’t been seen since the likes of Rooney and Beckham, with the under-17 side recently winning the World Cup. With this in mind, the restrictions could do more good than harm for English Football. 



Although this move would be a boost to English players, the move would result in the overall quality of the Premier League to lower. This would result in having a direct effect on the quality of English sides not only in their domestic league but also in various continental competitions they take part in, especially the UEFA Champions League. 

The effect this will have is not only restricted to the pitch. This would affect the clubs both on and off the pitch, keeping in mind the financial aspect of the game. If marquee foreigners are not allowed to play in the Premier League, it would result in a huge loss for teams.

Contrary to the fact that the English players will get more opportunity, they will not be tested against the best in the World if the number of Foreigners in the league reduces. This would mean that they would end up competing against themselves rather than players that are of a higher quality than them. On these terms, they would be served better if they played their trade elsewhere in the World.

Regardless of the Pros and Cons of the decision, the English FA must keep in mind that any decision they take will have an adverse effect on players around the globe and on football in England as a whole and hence must think through the decision thoroughly before making the call. 


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