After widespread discussions, the officials of the Premier League have agreed in principle to use the help of the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) from next season onwards. This decision was shared with clubs after a shareholders meeting took place, this after the clubs opted to try VAR in the month of April.

Earlier, the majority of the Premier League clubs voted to trial the VAR in the month of April and after discussions, the shareholders meeting that took place recently revealed that the decision to implement the VAR has been agreed upon in principle and have decided to further take the necessary actions required to implement the following. The English FA will now formally make a request to the International Football association and FIFA for permission to implement the VAR in Premier League from next season. 

The VAR has been used in the FIFA World Cup this year and is being used in the top divisions of France and Italy. Members of the English FA say that they have been closely following the use of VAR in the above cases and have taken a decision only after looking at both the gains and the losses of using the VAR. The decision comes after the VAR has been used on non – Live trials this season. The VAR is also set to be used in the Champions League next season along with the Premier League. Another major issue that will be addressed related to the VAR will be that of how the decision of the VAR will be communicated to the Fans in the stadium. 

It, however, becomes important that the referee’s in the Premier League do not hide behind the VAR and they will look to make key decisions of the game right. Although most clubs were against it, the VAR might not actually be such a bad move for the English League, especially after a number of decisions have been taken wrongly and goals being allowed wrongly, recently in the League. Rather than going against the decision of the FA unnecessarily, clubs would be better off embracing the decision and move forward in the right direction, as the debate of weather the VAR is right for the game or not, will go on for a long time. As long as the officials make sure that the referee’s get the right training and the right education along with the right personnel, the VAR will be a lot more of a boon in the Premier League than a hindrance.  


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