La Liga 2018/19: Not the start Real Madrid were hoping for!

Real Madrid – Post Ronaldo have not looked great this season but the loss of the Portuguese superstar cannot be made a reason for their poor form in this season of La Liga. Real Madrid have now gone almost seven hours without a goal and are winless in their last four games. Madrid are unable to live up to their expected high standards or rather they aren’t even close to that. They certainly started the season well, but as the days went by the Los Blancos looked duller by the day. 

Kroos and Modric in poor touch for Real Madrid

The problem with Real Madrid is not solely because of the poor form of the strikers but also the poor form of their midfield stalwarts Modric and Kroos. Kroos has gone six games without a win for both club and country and most recently scored a penalty for Germany, one that was their only goal in their loss to World Champions France. It has been almost 540 minutes since the German last experienced a victory and this is undoubtedly one of the poorest runs in his career. He clearly lacks the solidarity and the precision passing in the midfield and it has shown to have a great affect on the way Madrid play. 

The same can be said about his midfield partner Modric. His side has not scored a goal in the last five games which adds up to 499 minutes. Modric and Kroos are two of the worlds best midfielders and when a team is spoilt with masterful midfield performances throughout the years, it is only natural that their poor form leads to their teams’ poor form. 

Real Madrid – The Team

After the departure of Ronaldo, there seems to be a different aura about the players in and around the team. Real Madrid are finally a team now. They are a team that is not about one man and his laurels but about the laurels they achieve together as a team. No offence to Ronaldo who is one of the best in the World, but his departure from Madrid might not be such a bad thing after all.

Real Madrid are a team filled with Champions in every single position on the pitch and the trademark of a Champion player is that he never knows when he is truly beaten. It wouldn’t be long that the same people criticizing the performances of the Madrid team will be in awe of what they are capable of doing on the pitch. This is the best time however, for the European Champions to bounce back as they face Levante in the La Liga on Saturday 4:30 PM IST, a match that will be the true test of their character. 


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