Goal celebrations are a thing to be witnessed in any football match. However, there are some types of celebrations that could lead to a penalty. Celebrating by taking your shirt off? Yellow card. Want to celebrate with your fans? Booking. Desperate to swear into the camera to millions of viewers like Wayne Rooney at Upton Park in 2011? Two-match ban. At least the last one was fair enough. There have been numerous occasions where a player was issued a red card for celebrating a goal.



Emenike, playing for Spartak Moscow against Zenit, was given a red card for tapping his forearm after scoring. An extremely bizarre refereeing. The Nigerian striker, with some six Super Eagles, caps to his name, has already asked for an appeal against this unreasonable red card sent in by his club. This goal evened the game at 2-2, but despite having a man down, Spartak Moscow managed to win this game at 3-2.



The Zenit St Petersburg midfielder was sent off with a red card for making an obscene gesture towards the club’s own fans after he scored their 3-1 win against Volga Nizhny. Shirokov was immediately booed as he walked onto the pitch by the Zenit supporters and after he doubled the Russian champions’ lead within a limited time he swore at his disbelievers. Has he received the red card, Shirokov was taunted again by the home support and made another obscene gesture as he walked out of the pitch.



During the Thai Super League clash between Muangthong United and TOT Sports Club, Muangthong’s Macedonian international Mario Gjurovski was given a red card after he decided to celebrate the goal by placing his shorts over his head. A bizarre spectacle which no doubt received a hilarious response. By doing so he was asking for the red card.


The 22yr old Ecuadorian, playing for Mexico’s Tijuana joined in the celebrations when Dubies Rascos scored against rivals Toluca. However, it didn’t end there. He pulled himself away from the group and raised his arms and fired off an imaginary machine, while his team pretended to die. In a place like Mexico, where the murder rate has been pretty high, an action like this is literally asking for trouble.



Neymar, was the king of South American football in 2011, but nowhere close to how a king must behave. He was sent off with a yellow card for wearing a mask of himself and as a result, boy did he create a ruckus. Which only resulted in him getting four more red cards.  

“Neymar was sent off for not knowing the rules… we need to know the rules.”, said the club’s manager Marcelo Martelotte.



Swedish center-back Medi Dresevic celebrated his goal by running into the stands, sitting on a seat and applauding his own effort. This is by far one of the funniest celebrations in the history of football. Beautiful stuff, isn’t it? Sadly, the referee didn’t find this funny and issued him a red card.



The striker bagged a late equalizer for the Portuguese Segunda Liga leaders away at Chaves and instead of celebrating the traditional way, he went on to flash his ass to the opposition’s fans. Sweet, isn’t it? The referee obviously didn’t find it funny nor was amused and issued him a red card without thinking twice.



Carlos Tevez enriched his status as a Boca Juniors hero after he celebrated a goal against his fierce rivals, River Plate, by mimicking a chicken. This obviously resulted in him being called out by the referee. As hilarious as it was, it was clearly asking for trouble.



This too goes along with one of the funniest celebrations in the history of goal celebration. As seen in this article celebrating a goal sure does make you do questionable things, but in Italy it would seem that head-butting is the way to go. The striker scored for his team and makes a beeline towards to the subs bench and jamming his head into the window. Take a wild guess what came after…That’s right! A red card!

And finally, saving the best for the last,



Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis has been banned for life from all national has been handed a life ban from all Greek national Football teams by Greece’s football federation after he celebrated his goal with a Nazi salute.

AEK have asked Katidis to explain himself and will then decide his future at a board meeting next week. Katidis denied he gave a Nazi salute and took to Twitter to explain his actions.

“I am not a fascist and would not have done it if I had known what it meant.” 

 So many controversies for just celebrating a goal. Albeit some of them are ridiculous, there are some instances when the red card was justified. As much as it is ridiculous, they do prove to provide a load of entertainment to the spectators.

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