The rain of 3 fours in a row by Rohit and the barrage of runs, on one side, made CSK depressed but made one person especially very happy.

That one person was Ritika Sajdeh, Rohit’s wife.

Did Rohit Sharma, who has not been in form typically, performed over the roof today or is it some inspiration from the junior players or the presence of Ritika in the stadium?

We wonder why, but let the best prevail and allow the real cricket to win.

Feel bad for Dhoni today but, the score wasn’t enough to defend on this wicket. Rohit’s half-century overshadowed every bit of it.

One can say that the, missed catch by Bhajji could be a reason but probably Bhajji isn’t too fit to take high catches.

Dhoni agreed that a bit of more pace was needed to stop but they weren’t able to do it and Mumbai Indians were a notch ahead.

Players become more humble after a loss and get charged enough to take on the next game.

Go get it guys… It’s just the beginning.