Shikhar Dhawan has time and again proven to be an important player and a fantastic asset for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Despite his surprising fall against KKR, he has been continually putting up a great fight with his score being 77 against Rajasthan Royals, bagging the ‘Player of the match’ title. 

As fans and followers of cricket and Sunrisers Hyderabad, people can all vouch for his importance and so can the team members themselves. A lot of hearts ached when Sunrisers Hyderabad lost against Kings XI Punjab and their star player had to leave the field with a broken elbow. Kane Williamson and Rashid Khan, being in the limelight and fighting as valiant warriors, could not save the match either.    

However, the strong leadership of Kane Williamson and the determination of the team has gotten them through several matches and soon they gained momentum, with Shikhar Dhawan aka Gabbar coming back.

Proud coach Tom Moody, speaks highly of skipper Williamson,

“He has got a very wise head and reads the game very well. He has managed pressure situations very well. It is great to have someone like Ken taking the responsibility. From my perspective, he has been terrific because we have formed a strong partnership”

Although there have been a lot of arguments regarding his performance and his form, reassurance can be taken from their coach, Tom Moody, who says:

“He certainly doesn’t look to be a player out of form. So, for me, whether it is tomorrow night or next in Pune, he is going to make an impact. Good players like Shikhar don’t suddenly disappear from the face of the earth. They’ll come back and hurt someone”

Dhawan has set an average of 28 runs, might be disappointing for a lot of the fans and the team players. Compared to his highest number of sixes (18) in 2012, he managed just 2 this time, which raises a few questions and creates a sense of nervousness regarding his performance. However, we need to cut the man some slack because he is trying hard and getting back in form despite the injury.  Gabbar standing by Sunrisers has really been a good motivation for the team and since then, they have won 5 matches.

There’s a reason he’s called ‘Gabbar’, usse kabhi panga mat lena!