Sreeshanth was once a very popular and extremely talented cricketer in the Indian team. However, as a result of some unfortunate incidents, he was accused of being a part of spot-fixing and was banned from the team.

Another incident took place around 5 years ago. There was a spat between Sreeshanth and Harbhajan Singh. The latter apparently slapped the former for the world to witness after an IPL match. Reports say that they have made peace with each other but no one really knows what happened.

But today Sreeshanth makes the news not for controversies but for a sudden change in his physique. He has recently transformed himself, making him look like the Hulk. Twitter went completely gaga over recent pictures of him. There were also trolls who targeted Harbhajan Singh due to the incident. People are convinced that if Harbhajan Singh met Sreeshanth today, he’d totally be intimated by his new look.


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