FIFA World Cup 2018: The Heaviest, the lightest, the Tallest,the Shortest,the Oldest and the Youngest

Yahia Alshehri Lovre Kalinic Takashi Inui Roman Torres

The FIFA World Cup has players from different nationalities, ethnicities, religions and different tongues. But along with all this diversity, we have players of different ages, shapes, and sizes, mind you I mean that literally and not figuratively. So let’s have a look at The Heaviest, the lightest, the tallest, the shortest, the oldest and the Youngest Players in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Heaviest: Roman Torres 99 KG (Panama)

6 Feet and 2 inches, the 99 KG Panamanian scored the most important goal in his Country’s history, the goal that sent Panama to the World Cup for the very first time. He must have felt the ‘Weight’ of an entire nation…… Literally

Lightest: Takashi Inui 59 KG (Japan)

The Betis Winger is the lightest player in the FIFA World Cup 2018 and Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard mises out being the Lightest player by 1 Kilogram at 60 KGs

Tallest: Lovre Kalinic 6 Ft 7 inches (Croatia)

The Croatian International like most extremely tall footballers is a Goalkeeper, he stands tall at 6 feet and 7 inches. That’s 2 meters, Kalinic is 1 feet and 3 inches shorter than the goal. Let that settle in.

Shortest: Yahia Alshehri (Saudi Arabia) and Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) 5 Ft 4 Inches

It’s a tie! Saudi National Yahia Alshehri and Premier League player Xherdan Shaqiri are short, really really short. Both players stand at 5 feet 4 inches, to put things in perspective, Kalinic is 1 feet and 3 Inches taller than Alshehri and Shaqiri. 

Oldest: Essam El Hadary 45 Years old (Egypt)

45 Years old, 158 caps for Egypt and a professional career 25 years. El Hadary is finally going to the World Cup, What a story!      For more on El Hadary Check out: Essam El Hadary, Living the Dream with Broken hands.

Youngest: Trent Alexander-Arnold (England), Daniel Arzani (Australia), Achraf Hakimi (Morocco), Kylian Mbappe (France) and Francis Uzoho (Nigeria) 19 Years Old


The Five Nineteen Year-olds will want to absorb it all in and hope to use this World Cup as a platform to progress their Career in the right direction. Especially Mbappe, Alexander-Arnold and Hakimi, all 3 have bags of potential to be world-class.