Thank You Antonio! Conte’s reign at Chelsea comes to an end

Antonio Conte

4th of April, 2016, West London was engulfed in anticipation, after a devastating 2015/16 Season that saw Chelsea Finish in 10th place, Sack their Manager in December and go from defending champions to Mid-table Minnows in a Year. Antonio Conte arrived, the Italian tactician took his time and changed the face of Chelsea. 

A Premier League title and an FA Cup Final in his first Season in-charge. Conte had made Chelsea Likable again, after 3 Seasons of Jose Mourinho’s consistent blabbering and continuous defensive Football, Chelsea had found the balance. But like all fairy tales, this one had to come to an end too.

Chelsea had been granted permission to re-build Stamford Bridge, a project that would’ve cost 1 Billion Pounds. Naturally, Roman Abramovich held back from spending a large sum of money in the Transfer window and barring Tiemoue Bakayoko, and Antonio Rudiger Conte didn’t get any of the players that he wanted. That’s where the problems started.

Everything seemed to go wrong from then on. The Diego Costa debacle kicked off Chelsea’s 2017/18 campaign and things were already looking negative, Chelsea were lacking squad depth for a Champions League campaign and Antonio Conte publicly criticised the Board on Multiple occasions. The Sack seemed inevitable, it was just a matter of when. No manager messes with Abramovich. Period.

Now with Maurizio Sarri knocking on the door and Conte waiting for the official word, it is only Natural to feel for Antonio Conte. Yes, he was in the wrong to insult the Board publicly but for the board to embarrass him and treat the man like a scapegoat is absolutely disgusting. Chelsea are yet to announce Conte’s sacking while Club legend John Terry and Midfielder Cesc Fabregas have already confirmed the Manager’s departure.

Conte revolutionized Chelsea and definitely took tactical football to the next Level. The end may be ugly but Antonio Conte will always be the man who rose Chelsea back from the Ashes and blew the Premier league away.

Thank you, Antonio you will be missed.

Premier League: Maurizio Sarri to Chelsea, is it finally happening?

Maurizio Sarri to Chelsea

In an interesting chain of events, Serie A Club Napoli now have 2 Managers on their Payroll. On May 23rd, 2018 Napoli signed Carlo Ancelotti as their new Manager, the deal was celebrated in Naples and why not? Managers with Ancelotti’s portfolio and experience are hard to find. But what a lot of people hadn’t noticed is that Napoli hadn’t fired Maurizio Sarri before Signing Carlo Ancelotti, So what does this mean for Sarri? Let’s break it down, shall we?  

Maurizio Sarri and Ancelotti Contracted to Napoli. What can Napoli do?

Maurizio Sarri still has one year left on his current Napoli contract and When a Manager is given the sack before the expiration of his contract the Club needs to pay a Severance Package (a Payout fee) to break the Contract and Napoli quite evidently don’t want to Sack Sarri to avoid Paying the hefty fee (Not disclosed). Napoli cannot possibly have 2 Managers on their Payroll so what are they waiting for? according to English website Standard.UK, Sarri has a 7 Million Pound release clause on his Contract and Napoli are probably waiting for Interested clubs to pay the Clause.

7 Million? Why can’t Chelsea just pay the Clause and end the saga?

Yes, 7 Million seems like a small amount of Money considering Chelsea Owner, Roman Abramovich has broken the Bank on so many occasions. What a lot of people aren’t taking into consideration is that Abramovich is not the same big spending Owner he was when he first arrived at Stamford Bridge. The Russian Billionaire has substantially reduced his spending, following 2 Divorces (2007 and 2017), redevelopment of Stamford Bridge (Could cost up to one Billion Pounds) and now an issue with his UK visa could all be contributing factors to the lack of funding. Furthermore, the Severance package Antonio Conte will receive following his potential Sack is valued at 26.7 Million Pounds (according to the Daily Mail). That’s 32 Million Pounds in total to get a new manager, seems a little hefty, doesn’t it?

So Where does all of this leave us? 

Antonio Conte certainly has no Future at Chelsea and now all we have to do is Wait and Watch. Either Abramovich can pay both, Conte and Sarri’s clauses or he needs to look for alternatives quickly.