IPL FINAL 2018, Post-Match Analysis: CSK lifts the trophy!

SRH VS CSK Post Match Analysis

IPL Highlights | Match 60 | CSK vs SRH: Last night saw the crowning of the Chennai Super Kings as the winner of the Indian Premier League Season 11. And win they did, with style, finesse and without a single doubt in anyone’s mind that they deserved it. CSK has officially won its third IPL title in the seven times they’ve made it to the finals.

Sunrisers Hyderabad was not bad either. With their performance last night and throughout the season, they have made their mark and will be back next season to blow everyone away once more.

CSK won the toss and opted to bowl, as expected – their strength being in chasing and SRH in defending.

Shikhar Dhawan (26) had a go with Shreevats Goswami (5) as the opener, who was run out by Karn Sharma in the second over. They started at slowly but the pace caught up before the second wicket. Lungi Ngidi kept it tight as he bowled a maiden over in his second over. From 17 to one in the first four overs, Williamson and Dhawan scored 45 runs off the next four.

Kane Williamson (47) and Dhawan couldn’t take it all the way to the end and found themselves dismissed by the thirteenth over. Shakib Al Hasan (23), Yusuf Pathan (45) and Carlos Brathwaite (21) also added a substantial amount of runs and added 77 runs to the board in the last seven overs. A good score overall, SRH ended its innings at 178 for six.

With 179 as the target to chase, CSK also had a slow start with a maiden first over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Shane Watson (117) who went on to become the star player of the last night, looked visibly frustrated as he found himself unable to score even a single run in the first few overs. His partner, Faf du Plessis, however, had initiated the chase with a boundary and a few singles.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar who conceded only 17 runs in his four overs almost dashed all hopes of CSK winning as he refused to let the batsmen move out of the crease. A misfielding mistake in his over, however, gave way for Watson to initiate his power batting. He stood undefeated with a score of 117 laced with eleven fours and eight sixes.

Sandeep Sharma alternated with Bhuvneshwar Kumar and had the opposite results on the field. He ended up conceding singles in the first overs and eventually 52 runs in four overs. By the end of the powerplay, CSK only had 35 runs on the board and Faf du Plessis found himself taken out by Sandeep Sharma.

Suresh Raina (32) then came in to take Siddharth Kaul to the cleaners along with Watson, taking 32 runs in his two overs while they remained silent in Rashid Khan‘s overs. The thirteenth oversaw Watson start Sandeep’s over with a dot ball, followed by a four, a hat-trick of sixes and ended with a wide and another four – this made a massive difference in their run rate and reduced their target to 48 off 42 balls.

Raina then fell to Carlos Brathwaite in the fourteenth over as Shane Watson made his fourth IPL century an over later. Along with Ambati Rayudu (16), Watson put up a target of 2 runs off ten balls as their fellow team members prepared to run onto the field to celebrate their victory. Rayudu finished the game with four and nine balls to spare as CSK took down SRH by eight wickets to take the trophy.

Most CSK fans wanted Dhoni to finish the game with a six but Shane Watson was sufficient to take their opponents down. Even though Dhoni did not end up coming to the crease last night, the stadium was full of cheers for him for leading his team to victory. It was a beautiful moment as the Yellow Brigade ran in to ruffle Watson’s hair and hug him and Rayudu for a spectacular inning.

Kane Williamson and team, on the other hand, looked forlorn for losing after making it this far. It almost looked like they had the better chance at the beginning of the innings but with a few mistakes from some of their bowlers, CSK turned the tide towards them in no time. SRH deserved to lift the trophy and were worthy opponents last night.

As always, the evening promised to be an entertaining, heart-filling match and the IPL 2018 ended on a great note. This season had many ups and downs and saw the rise and fall of not only teams but also players. It was a season of under-19 players showing their maturity and old players showing their experience. Bowlers got a lot more appreciation for their skill than batsmen. This was a season that rejuvenated hope in cricket and as it ends, we all wait to move on with our lives with a feeling of nostalgia and pride as we await the next season.

IPL Final 2018, CSK vs SRH, Pre-Match Analysis: It’s time to crown the winner!

CSK VS SRH Pre Match Analysis

IPL 2018 | Match 60 | CSK vs SRH: The day is finally here! Tonight the IPL Season 11 comes to a close with the final match at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai between the two chosen teams – Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad

This is going to be a match that’s going to end neck-to-neck with fans sitting on the edge of their seats, praying for their team to lift the trophy. CSK has been waiting for their final opponents to be selected while SRH made a short detour and made it back to Mumbai to compete for the fourth time this season.  

Chennai Super Kings make it to the IPL finals for the seventh time in nine seasons and have won only two of them in 2010 and 2011 up till now. Will this year allow them to carry the title for the third time? A win would definitely make their comeback after a two-year hiatus a more respectable one. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad has won the title once in 2016 and will attempt to do it again this time. 

Two well-experienced captains, MS Dhoni and Kane Williamson, take on each other as they face the pressure of directing their respective teams to victory.

Spinner Rashid Khan will be facing the experienced batting order that is CSK which he almost unhinged in their last match. With him being in full-form now, especially after the last match, he will be CSK’s biggest threat. Shikhar Dhawan hasn’t performed since the playoffs started and he has the ability to add a substantial amount of runs to the score along with captain Kane Williamson. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Shakib Al Hasan, Sandeep Sharma and Siddharth Kaul will be given the responsibility of tackling Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis

CSK has Ambati Rayudu to take care of high-scoring technicalities. CSK fans would want MS Dhoni to make an appearance and finish the game in style. Suresh Raina, Shane Watson, and Faf du Plessis will also assist in that department. Veterans Harbhajan Singh and Ravindra Jadeja will take care of the bowling area. Dwayne Bravo, the death-over specialist, will also be placed in a suitable position. Lungi Ngidi seems he can rival Rashid Khan in that field. CSK, the team of “oldies”, has the temperament and attitude necessary to not get fazed by the pressure according to most. 

Wankhede Stadium is going to be a playground for the spinners for the likes of Ravindra Jadeja and Rashid Khan to flourish in. Typical Mumbai climate is expected to prevail – cloudy and humid – with a slight probability of rain. 

CSK would mostly not go with any changes in their batting line-up. Harbhajan Singh may be given a bigger role this time in case of bowling. He was a no-show on the field in their last match. 

In case of SRH, Manish Pandey may make a reappearance in place of out-of-form Deepak Hooda. 

Once again, it is best bowling attack versus best batting side. The typical toss would expect CSK to chase while SRH defends to make for an entertaining match. But if SRH wins the toss, they may attempt to change things around to throw CSK off their game. 

If there is one team that has the potential to unravel the brilliance of CSK’s comeback, it’s SRH. Although CSK has got the better of them the last three times this season, all the wins have been close calls and may have gone in SRH’s way easily. With Rashid Khan’s batting skills also out in the open, this will be a difficult game to beat. Both teams will need an equal number of players contributing tonight to not allow for an easy win to either team. 

IPL Match 59, Pre-Match Analysis: KKR confident and ready to take on SRH

SRH VS KKR Pre Match Analysis

IPL 2018 | Match 59 | SRH vs KKR: Kolkata Knight Riders will be clashing with the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Qualifiers 2 match at Eden Gardens tonight. This is basically the semi-final match which will decide who will face the Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Stadium for the finals on Sunday. 

There is much to be said about the venue itself. Eden Gardens has proved to be extremely lucky if not favorable for the Dinesh Karthik-led side. Most teams have not been able to break the winning streak KKR has been having in this venue for years. 

SRH secured a top-of-the-table rank as they were the first to grab a seat in the playoffs with six wins on their tail. Now, they’re coming off of four successive defeats as they battle it out to make it to the finals after an excellent season. They may be feeling a little jittery now with their “undefeatable” air disappearing. 

The team is getting a little too dependent on their captain, Kane Williamson, batting-wise. Even a minor mistake from his side brings the army down to a defeat. Their close loss with the Chennai Super Kings in the first Qualifiers was brought up due to many reasons including the captain’s decisions regarding the bowlers. They will have to rectify these mistakes and become stronger in terms of batting to sail through the final matches. 

Shikhar Dhawan will be expected to put up a performance against the KKR spinners tonight. He has been the second-highest scoring batsman in the team for four centuries this season. Eden Gardens is known for being a little dry, making it suitable for the spin bowlers. Dhawan has the ability to take on the spin bowling and bring KKR to its knees if he is in the right state of mind and form. 

Manish Pandey will be expected to take care of the middle order. SRH has arguably the best bowling attack in the tournament but their bowling can’t be their only savior in a game like this so it is important for them to either secure a high total and defend or chase a good total.

KKR, on the other hand, has had a very inconsistent season but remained in the upper half of the table throughout. The third team to get into the playoffs, they just secured four successive wins and are confident with their performances so far. 

They have Dinesh Karthik, Sunil Narine, and Andre Russell to take care of the batting side. The only glitch in the batting line-up is Javon Searles who hasn’t been playing much this season, placed at number eight. He may or may not be replaced by Tom Curran or Mitchell Johnson. Cameron Delport hasn’t had a chance to play at all this season and KKR may not be willing to take the risk for the crucial game tonight. 

This is going to be a match for the bowlers with a gamble between the spinners and pacers. As mentioned before, Eden Gardens is spinner-friendly with KKR have the spin trio – Kuldeep Yadav, Sunil Narine and Piyush Chawla and SRH with their spin duo – Rashid Khan and Shakib Al Hasan. The KKR pacers, Prasidh Krishna and Andre Russell and the SRH pacers, Siddharth Kaul, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Sandeep Sharma will be assisting them on their way. KKR’s set of five has taken 69 wickets so far while the SRH bowlers have taken 70. They are neck-to-neck with vicious bowlers so it will be a matter of how the batsmen can handle the opponents and the pitch tonight.  

It looks like KKR has the upper hand here but after SRH’s performance in the first half of the season, it’s difficult to write them off. They might just bounce back tonight right when it matters and goes on to win the trophy.

IPL Match 57, Post-Match Analysis: CSK makes it to the finals!


IPL 2018 | Match 57 | SRH vs CSK: Chennai Super Kings made it to the IPL finals for the seventh time last night with their win over Sunrisers Hyderabad by 2 wickets at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. The match was no less than a thriller as CSK finished it in a very CSK-esque fashion, taking it all the way to the last over.

CSK won the toss and as always, chose to stick to chasing. SRH’s innings started with opener Shikhar Dhawan suffering a duck-out in the hands of Deepak Chahar in the very first delivery of the match.

Captain Kane Williamson (24) then came in to contribute 24 runs, of which three boundaries were hit in the same over. While Shreevats Goswami (12) was sent home packing by Lungi Ngidi.

Kane then fashioned a catch off Shardul Thakur by MS Dhoni in the very next over. By the end of the powerplay, the team had lost both their openers and Kane Williamson while only 47 runs were on the board.

Manish Pandey (8) and Shakib Al Hasan (12) came to the crease. SRH suffered another blow as CSK took Shakib soon after power-play with another catch by Dhoni off Dwayne Bravo.

By mid-innings, the score was 64/4. Yusuf Pathan‘s cameo of 24 runs laced with three boundaries pushed the score up significantly. Manish Pandey was dismissed in the eleventh over by Ravindra Jadeja. Carlos Brathwaite‘s brilliant knock laced with four sixes and one four in the death overs ended the innings at 139/7.

With 140 as a target, Faf du Plessis completed the chase with five balls to spare. Plessis’ undefeated 67 included four sixes and five fours as he ended up being CSK’s only hope towards the end. In the last two overs, he turned the tide around with Shardul Thakur (15) to end the game on an adrenaline-rushing note.

At the beginning of the innings, SRH returned the favor by removing Shane Watson off the field in the very first over for no runs.

Suresh Raina (22) came in with a vengeance as he smacked Sandeep Sharma for three boundaries in the first three balls of his over. But then Siddharth Kaul came in the fourth over to clean-bowl the ambitious Raina and his replacement, Ambati Rayudu in two successive balls. CSK had an equally bad, if not worse, power-play with 33 runs and three wickets off the table.

Things weren’t looking good for the yellow brigade as their reliable captain MS Dhoni was also caught in the clean-bowling frenzy by Rashid Khan in the eighth over. Dwayne Bravo (7) came in with fans hoping that he’d save them all but even he couldn’t escape Rashid Khan’s bowling.

Sandeep dismissed Ravindra Jadeja (3) in the next over and Deepak Chahar (10) in the over after that. Chahar surprised everyone with a boundary, however, and managed to keep the run rate from getting out of hand.

Faf du Plessis then sealed his ninth IPL fifty and changed the target to 23 off 12 balls. Shardul Thakur did one better and scored three boundaries off Siddharth Kaul taking 17 from the nineteenth over, making six the target off the final over. With 6 off 6, Plessis ended the innings in the first ball of the last over with a spectacular six.

Although SRH did not win this one, they proved that their bowling squad was back in form. CSK almost lost all hope as their opponents took them out one-by-one. Rashid Khan’s spectacular bowling spree put everyone on edge as he finished with a figure of 2/11. SRH also did a very good job restricting CSK and making it anything but easy for their opponents.

Faf du Plessis stood his ground while he watched his partners leave in every other over. He went on to win the title of “Man of the Match” and he truly deserved it. Even Shardul Thakur deserves to be mentioned – his short partnership with Plessis changed the face of the game. The fact that he managed to stay calm and come through for CSK  in terms of batting, even though he is primarily a bowler, is commendable.

CSK will now kick back in Mumbai while they wait for the remaining three teams to clash among themselves, to decide who will join them in the finals on Sunday. SRH, on the other hand, will be traveling to Kolkata to meet with the winner of today’s Eliminator match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals on Friday.

IPL Match 51, Post-Match Analysis: RCB secure a 14-run victory over SRH


IPL 2018 Highlights| Match 51 | RCB vs SRH: Royal Challengers Bangalore have found new life in this IPL season with their win against the table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad last night by 14 runs. 

Placed fifth with 12 points, RCB’s two consecutive wins have made them real contenders to the playoffs. 

Placed to bat, RCB posted a massive 218 runs with AB de Villiers‘ 69 off 39 and Moeen Ali’s 65 off 35. The team opened with Parthiv Patel (1) and Virat Kohli (12), both of whom were taken out within powerplay. The team lost Patel cheaply in the first over to Sandeep Sharma and Kohli to Rashid Khan‘s well-placed ball to the wickets in the fifth over. They only managed 44 runs in the power-play and things weren’t looking good for the team. AB de Villiers (69) and Moeen Ali (65) came in to replace them and man, oh, man, did they make an entrance? With a partnership of 107 runs off 57 balls, they pushed the score to 145 runs for three. De Villiers’ cameo was laced with 12 boundaries and 1 Super Six (105 m).  Rashid Khan, however, then struck the gold mine as he dismissed both Villiers and Moeen within the same over. Colin de Grandhomme then made a 40-run cameo off 17 runs while Sarfaraz Khan’s undefeated 22 off 8 ended the game at 218 runs for six. 

SRH did not live up to its name of having the best bowling attack yesterday with Basil Thampi going wicket-less and conceding 70 runs in his four overs. This is the most number of runs ever let slip by a bowler in an innings in the history of IPL. Rashid Khan took out three consecutive crucial wickets and conceded only 27 runs during his bowling quota. Siddharth Kaul dismissed de Grandhomme and Mandeep Singh but let go of 44 runs. Even Shakib Al Hasan was no match to the ferocious RCB last night. 

With a target of 219 to chase, Shikhar Dhawan (18) and Alex Hales (37) opened for the Kane Williamson-side side. Yuzvendra Chahal then bowled and caught Dhawan, ending his batting cameo in five overs. Hales was having a great run as De Villiers pulled off a one-handed catch off Moeen Ali to dismiss him. RCB seemed to have the match in their grip as Kane Williamson’s 81 off 42 and Manish Pandey’s undefeated 62 off 38 almost blew them off their feet. Mohammed Siraj then saved the day as he dismissed Williamson at a crucial phase. Tim Southee’s death over bowling secured a win for the team as they restricted SRH to six runs in the sixteenth over. He came back in the eighteenth to place a 20-run target in the last over. 

Kane Williamson’s 81 runs pushed his total run score past the 600-limit and have placed him second to the orange cap, right under KL Rahul.

Chahal, Siraj, and Moeen took one wicket each at crucial periods which made all the difference. Tim Southee conceded the most number of runs among the RCB bowlers but his performance during the death overs secured the team their much-needed win. 

This last over win has pushed RCB all the way to fifth place while the defeat has not made much of a difference to SRH’s position. RCB will now head to Jaipur for their match against the Rajasthan Royals tomorrow with great confidence to secure another victory in order to have a chance at the playoffs. SRH also has a game tomorrow as they face the Kolkata Knight Riders at Hyderabad.