Italian Football Federation takes rigid steps to fight racism

Italian Football Federation takes rigid steps to fight racism

Footballers are now directed to gather in the middle of the pitch in case of racist cries. And in case of repeated incident of the same kind, they will have to return to the dressing room. 

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced a simplification and tightening of the procedure implemented in case of racist cries in the stadiums, after the complications caused by recent incidents. From now on, in the event of such cries or racist behaviour reported by the federal delegates or law enforcement officials, the match will be immediately stopped temporarily and the players must gather in the middle of the field. An announcement will then be made by the stadium announcer. Upon a second warning, players will return to the changing rooms and a security official will then decide whether to call off the game.

Real football can triumph

Previously, the suspension of the match could intervene only after three announcements made by the speaker. The president of the Italian federation Gabriele Gravina recalled that

“The hypothesis of a suspension created a prejudice of image for the Italian football and for the true supporters.”

“Responsibilities must be individual and not collective, but something must be done so that real football can triumph, and we have to go beyond these incidents with a healthy supporter,” Gravina said in a statement from the FIGC.

New rules are ‘wise’

Raffaele Cantone, the chief of Italy’s anti-corruption agency, said the new rules were ‘wise’.

“What happened to Koulibaly was scandalous. I’m convinced that if the referee calls players to the centre of the pitch, maybe [the racism] will stop. But you also need a burst of pride from the other spectators to show they have nothing to do with these idiots.”

Racism and hooliganism have long infected Italian football. In recent years the Italy international Mario Balotelli has been a persistent target of abuse. Italian football hooligans, knowns as ultras, tend to be well-organised, extremely violent and racist. Last year Daniele De Santis, a notorious ultra, was jailed for 16 years for the murder of a Napoli fan, Ciro Esposito, before the 2014 Italian Cup final game against Fiorentina.

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The most recent: Kalidou Koulibaly

Image Credit: AP

On December 26, the French-Senegalese defender of Naples, Kalidou Koulibaly, was targeted by monkey chants several times during a match played in Milan against Inter, especially at the time of his expulsion for a second yellow card.
After the match, however, Ancelotti was focused on the treatment his star defender received from the San Siro crowd.

“There was a strange atmosphere, as we asked three times for play to be suspended, they had announcements with the speaker three times,” the Napoli manager said.

“Koulibaly was certainly irritable. Usually, he is very calm and professional, but he was subjected to monkey noises throughout the game,” Ancelotti added.

“We asked three times for some action to be taken, but the match continued. We keep being told play can be halted, but when? After four or five announcements?”

A recurring phenomenon in Italian football, the cries of monkey that targeted Koulibaly at the San Siro stadium rarely give rise to other punishments than fines or stadium closures or suspended tribunes. But this time, Inter had been punished more harshly to stop these types of unwanted incidents inside the stadium.

Ways in which Cristiano Ronaldo is helping Juventus generate revenue off the pitch

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most marketable commodity in World Football at the moment and Juventus are reaping in the benefits.

Juventus were questioned by a few when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for a 100 Million euros and would go on to pay an additional 130 Million euros in wages across 4 years. Skeptics suggested that investing such large sums of money on a 33-year-old was not an economically feasible idea.

We are five months into the Season and it’s safe to say that all the skeptics have been proven wrong and Ronaldo has reinstated his position as a revenue gold mine. So here’s how Ronaldo has helped Juventus climb up the Financial ladder.

1. Jersey Sales

Picture Credits: Nairobi News

It’s no surprise, but Ronaldo jerseys sell like hotcakes. According to the Guardian Juventus sold 520,000 Ronaldo jersey replicas, which helped them recuperate 55 Million euros before Ronaldo even kicked a ball. Another report from Tuttosport reported that by July 2018 the Club had sold out its entire inventory of Ronaldo home and away jerseys. Adidas predicted revenue of 75 Million to flow into the Club by the end of the Season

The more recent numbers with respect to the shirt sale revenue haven’t been released but judging from these numbers Ronaldo is going to bring consistent Revenue to Juventus.

2. Juventus stock has risen considerably since his arrival

Picture credits: Troll Football

Juve was among the biggest Clubs in Italy and the World even before Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Turin. But ever since his arrival, Juventus has seen its share value increase by approximately 120 Percent. Ronaldo is a commodity that has put them on the World map and has increased the faith of the investors and the fans considerably. Most markets rate Juventus’ value as a Club to be in and around the €1.5 Billion region.

3. Ronaldo’s uncanny ability as a crowd puller

Picture Credits:

Economically Ronaldo’s move cost Juventus a lot of Money, a lot more than they are used to spending anyway. To cope with the increased financial pressures the Club’s administration decided to increase the price of tickets and Season tickets by approximately 25-30%. Though the move was a bold one, the crowd continued to come in large numbers. Ronaldo has been attracting crowds irrespective of the situation whether it was during his first friendly when the anticipation to see him play jammed an entire freeway or a tax evasion scam that could potentially destroy his reputation, the crowd always comes in. 

Transfer News: Krzysztof Piatek Joins AC Milan for €36 Million from Genoa

Transfer News: Krzysztof Piatek Joins AC Milan for €36 Million from Genoa

AC Milan announced the signing of Genoa’s Krzysztof Piatek for €36 Million on a long term four and a half year deal.

Piatek has been a part of this transfer merry go round that has seen Piatek join AC Milan, Gonzalo Higuain join Chelsea from AC Milan and Alvaro Morata going to join Atletico Madrid. Piatek joined Genoa from Polish side Cracovia earlier this Season for a reported €4 Million and after hitting the ground running in the Serie A with 13 Goals in 19 appearances had attracted a whole fleet of top Clubs. But it was finally AC Milan who acquired Piatek’s services.

Piatek has committed himself to Milan till June 2023 and the Poland International will be reportedly earning, 40,000 a week (2 Million per year). Genoa originally valued Piatek at 40 Million and had to reduce their asking price to €36 Million which is still nine times the money they invested in him just 6 months back when he signed from Ekstraklasa (Polish League) Club Cracovia for €4 Million. A good bit of business from Genoa’s point of view.

Piatek will wear the number 19 shirt and has already begun training with his new Club on Thursday. Just moments after his first press conference as a Milan player, he revealed that he was a big AC Milan fan as a kid and fans of the Club flooded the internet with a picture of a young Krzysztof Piatek near a swimming pool with an AC Milan towel on his back. 

“When I was a child I was an AC Milan fan. Being here is a dream come true. It’s great to be here close to these legends. It’s an important step for me. I wanted to prove I am good enough for Serie A but I haven’t changed as a person, I am always the same”.

Piatek is relatively a risk compared to the experienced Higuain but we can say without a doubt that he has an eye for goal. Piatek has been scoring goals by the dozen at Girona and incidentally became the first player since the 1949-50 Serie A Season to score eight goals in his first six games. Another talking point that has been floating around for a while now is that what does this move mean for Milan’s prodigal striker Patrick Cutrone?

Piatek seems to be playing it safe for now with his comments. Only one of them will lead the line for Milan and only time can tell us who.

“It’s another step of my career, I hope I will play well with him. I hope we’ll score many goals together. I hope it will go well”. 

Las Vegas Police Issue Warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA as Part of Ongoing Sexual Assault Investigation

Las Vegas Police Issue Warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA as Part of Ongoing Sexual Assault Investigation

Police in Las Vegas has issued a warrant to obtain the DNA sample of Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, as part of their investigation into the rape allegations made against the Portuguese superstar. 

Las Vegas police reopened the case in October after Kathryn Mayorga filed a lawsuit alleging that the former Real Madrid man raped her in a Las Vegas hotel suite in 2009, and then paid her $375,000 to keep the incident a secret.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the warrant has already been sent to the court system in Italy, as the Police want to contrast Ronaldo’s DNA with that of the remains found on the dress which Ms. Mayorga was wearing that night.

Since the start, Ronaldo has aggressively denied the accusations, which his spokesperson maintained even after the recent developments.

“Mr. Ronaldo has always maintained, as he does today, that what occurred in Las Vegas in 2009 was consensual in nature, so it is not surprising that DNA would be present, nor that the police would make this very standard request as part of their investigation,” said the Portuguese’s lawyer, Peter Christiansen.

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it was “taking the same steps in this case as in any other sexual assault to facilitate the collection of DNA evidence.”

LVMPD also confirmed the Wall Street Journal’s report, saying: “We can confirm that an official request has been submitted to Italian authorities,” as quoted by BBC.

“Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we have no additional information or comment on this case at this time.”

Juventus, who shelled out £99.2m to secure the player’s services in July, find themselves in a difficult situation amid the ongoing investigation. So far, they have whole-heartedly backed their player, but if the case ends up going south, they run the risk of being affected both on and off the pitch.

The player himself hasn’t offered any comments following the warrant, but the Bianconeri coach, Massimiliano Allegri, insists his key player is calm as ever.

“It’s his personal question, I talk about football,” Allegri told reporters ahead of Juve’s Coppa Italia clash with Bologna, as reported by Goal.

“I can tell you that I saw him very serene, he is training well. It has been a very tight four months, now we need to work to play better in the 36 potential games we have left.”

“I see Cristiano peaceful and calm, I go on that. For the rest, it is not for me to answer because they are private affairs.”

There were also suggestions for Allegri to manage the 33-year-old’s playing time carefully heading into the business end of the season.

“Until now, he has never gone to the national team [while at Juve],” Allegri added.

“The six games that he spared with Portugal he has then played them in the league with us, so he played more or less the same matches last year.”

“As we move forward, I will manage the condition of all in order to try to arrive at the end of all the objectives well. He [Ronaldo] will play on Saturday, but let’s see how and when.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in superb form for Juventus this season, scoring 15 goals and providing 8 assists in 24 appearances across all competitions.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “There is life after Real Madrid”

Cristiano Ronaldo: "There is life after Real Madrid"

Cristiano Ronaldo has vowed to prove to Florentino Perez that there is life after Real Madrid and that, after almost six months of his departure, he is the happiest man in the world. 

The reckless Cristiano Ronaldo has again attacked the figure of Florentino Perez this week where he knows that he can do more damage, the lack of humility. His words in the Italian press have a recipient and, although he avoids pronouncing the name of the president of Real Madrid, they look for the effect of comparing Florentino Perez with Andrea Agnelli, president of his current team.

“Juventus is the best group in which I have played. Here we are a team. In other places, someone feels bigger than the others, but here they are all in the same line. They are humble and want to win.” That other place that lacks humility, according to Cristiano Ronaldo, is Florentino Perez.

Image Credit: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The Real Group

There are those who intend to interpret that it is an attack on his former colleagues and that his relationship with Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Modric or Benzema, to give some examples, is broken or has been broken. This is not where Cristiano’s taunts go. While distance cools relationships, friendship has not been lost. Cristiano Ronaldo has the obsession to prove to his former president that he is happy and is in a winning team. For that, he uses arguments such as “this is a family” that can be interpreted as a criticism of Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo does not have any reproach to the treatment of his ex-partners.

The Portuguese asked that Florentino to be sincere to explain the reasons why he had to leave Real Madrid. To this day, it has not yet been said goodbye from the fans to the one, who is the top scorer in the history of the Madrid team, 451 goals in nine years. It is the image of a player who marked a time and had to leave by the back door. And he is not the first one to whom this episode happened. Iker Casillas lived a similar situation. Another one who strives and tries to show his heart that there is life outside of Real Madrid, but that one day he decided that his Madridista prevents him from attacking or disfiguring the club he carries in his heart.

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Image Credit: Getty Images

The ‘Golden Ball’ of Luka Modric

The whiff of Cristiano Ronaldo has had a response from Florentino Perez in his message at the Christmas dinner with the media this Tuesday in the Santiago Bernabeu. If Cristiano Ronaldo attacks where he knows he can do more damage, Florentino has asked the media to name who is the best representative of the club’s values. “Luka Modric represents, perfectly, the values of our players”, the president has released to remember the winner of The Best award and the Ballon d’Or. In a speech in which he stressed that Real Madrid lives in a successful stage with the achievement of four Champions in five years and still valid values such as sacrifice, delivery, solidarity, and humility. Real Madrid as the winning club of the collective and individual prizes, like the day in which Cristiano received his fifth Golden Ball and Florentino threw the ‘hook’ to Neymar remembering where it was easier to win this prize.

Cristiano Ronaldo is doing well in Italy with Juventus, a leader in the Serie A, qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, makes goals with ease, earns money and pays less tax. The Agnelli boss gives him affection, plays all the minutes with Allegri. He is in the right place to continue increasing his ego and throwing taunts, but Florentino also does well without Cristiano Ronaldo, with Modric and his Ballon d’Or.

European Football | A look at the teams still unbeaten in their league

European Football | A look at the teams still unbeaten in their leagues this Season

As the football season in Europe progresses, most teams have dropped those crucial points resulting in the first of many defeats coming their way whereas few still remain unconquered.

Let’s take a look at 5 teams that are yet to be beaten thus far in their respective leagues this football season.


Under their new manager Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea Football Club have looked really bright this season and the Italian has most recently equaled the English record of being unbeaten in the first eleven league games in club football. Eden Hazard has had a huge role to play in Chelsea’s success this season, but the Italian has transformed the team into a more attacking minded one, in contrast to the dull defensive football that they played last season under Antonio Conte. Chelsea have well and truly established themselves as title contenders and will give Manchester City a run for their money. 


The Reds finished a disappointing fourth place last season, but manager Jurgen Klopp have done well to bring in some big reinforcements in the midfield and have also shored up the attack. Apart from this, they have worked extremely hard on their defence and that is clearly evident in the results they have been achieving. Alisson has conceded just five goals this season and Liverpool are yet to be beaten this season. They were at par with Manchester City in the league until they dropped points against Arsenal last weekend. If they continue their football playing form in the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp and his men might well and truly establish themselves as worthy title challengers for Manchester City.  

Manchester City

The Champions Manchester City Football Club ran away with the league last season with relative ease and the way things stand, it looks as though it is all too easy for them. They have started in a similar fashion this year but the only difference being the fact that they are been given competition by Chelsea and Liverpool. They are yet to be beaten just like Chelsea and Liverpool but have a two point cushion at the top along with a massive goal difference. The early signs suggest that this years Premier League will be one of the most exciting ones to watch out for. 

Paris Saint German

PSG have in the past many years dominated their domestic league playing good football and there has been no change in that recently. They are the only team in Europe to have a 100% win record by winning every single of the 12 games they have played this season and no team in their league has looked good enough to challenge them for the title thus far. They already have a 11 point lead at the top of the table and as things stand it looks like they will yet again win the league with relative ease, with Neymar and Mbappe looking as good as ever. 


Over the last five years, Juventus Football Club have had a tight grip on the Italian domestic competition and with the addition of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, not only have they added the arsenal to challenge for the Champions League but has also made it an almost impossible task for other teams to challenge them for the domestic title. They are unbeaten in the eleven games they have played and have already built a 6 point lead at the top of the league standings. 

Lazio 0 – 3 Inter Milan | Icardi scores a double

Lazio 0 - 3 Inter Milan | Icardi scores a double

Serie A Highlights: Icardi brace helps impressive Inter beat Lazio 3 – 0 away from home to secure their sixth straight win in the Serie A this season.

Marcelo Brozovic‘s goal sandwiched between two Mauro Icardi goals helped Inter to a comfortable 3 – 0 victory over Lazio in the Stadio Olimpico. The result stands testament to Inter’s revival from their shaky start to the season, which included shock defeats to Sassuolo and Parma

Luciano Spalletti made 3 changes from the side that lost to Barcelona in the Champions League. Vrsaljko, Politano and Mario replaced D’Ambrosio, Candreva and Valero. Meanwhile, Simone Inzaghi also makes three changes to his side that beat Marseille in the Europa League. Wallace, Caceres and Leiva made way for Felipe, Badelj and Marusic.

After a commanding start, Inter went ahead through skipper Mauro Icardi in the 28th minute. It was a messy goal as Lazio missed several chances to clear before the Argentinean striker scored from close range with a typical striker’s finish. Ciro Immobile gets booked, losing his cool minutes later after he made a poor tackle near the halfway line. Just a couple of minutes later, Milan Badlej is forced to come off after what seems to be a woeful injury.

Matias Vecino almost makes it 2-0 to Inter not once but twice in a span of four minutes, initially firing a great shot and forcing an even better save from Lazio stopper Thomas Strakosha and then drawing another save from the goalkeeper just minutes later before Marcelo Brozovic finally gave his side a two-goal cushion with a low driven shot from the edge of the box beating Strakosha with the help of the slippery surface five minutes before the break.

Lazio exhibited little sign of a passion after the break and Icardi ultimately put the game to bed in the 70th minute. The Argentine latched onto a Borja Valero through ball, cut inside Senad Lulic before firing a low shot past Thomas Strakosha to get his second of the game

The result put Inter in the second place in the Serie A table, level with Napoli and six points behind league leaders Juventus.

Inter Milan now host Genoa in the Serie A on Saturday, 3rd November before hosting Barcelona for the return leg of the Champions League tie on Wednesday, 7th November. Meanwhile, Lazio host SPAL in the same competition on Sunday, 4th November before hosting Marseille for the return leg of the Europa League fixture on Thursday, 8th November.

Icardi and D’Ambrosio on score sheet as Inter Milan beat Fiorentina 2 – 1 | Serie A

Icardi and D'Ambrosio on score sheet as Inter Milan beat Fiorentina 2 - 1 | Serie A

Inter Milan beat a resilient Fiorentina side two goals to one in the San Siro yesterday, with Icardi and Danilo D ‘Ambrosio getting the goals. Inter have had many different goal scorers this season, other than the regulars and the latest one on the list being D ‘Ambrosio. Inter were not as convincing as they would have liked to be as they lost the ball multiple times in procession and gave the ball away cheaply on numerous occasions. Florentina did well to press early on and put the pressure on Inter which resulted in them playing aerial balls a lot, especially in the first half. Fiorentina caused a lot of problems to Inter mainly because of the press they maintained on Inter which resulted in them losing the ball numerous times with bad passes in the midfield, with Fiorentina giving them extremely less space to work the ball around in the midfield.

Icardi however, believes that they need to get the win out of their heads as soon as possible and look at the next game ahead when they face Cagliari. He believes that Inter needs to keep their heads down and get as many points as they can, every game they played and close the gap on the leaders as soon as possible and get their season back on track. He says that Inter needs to finish in the top four this season and that he and the players will give everything they can in their capacity to achieve this target. He also says that playing at the San Siro is a big boost for the team because of the tremendous support they get. He says he knows the difficulties that the fans face to come and support them in numbers and hence it becomes their responsibility to deliver to their incredible fans.

Juventus 2 – 0 Frosinone, Highlights | Serie A

Juventus 2 - 0 Frosinone, Highlights | Serie A

It looked like another frustrating day at the office for the Italian Champions Juventus, and their 99 million Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, as they looked to continue their unbeaten start to the new season. Frosinone looked solid in defence and resisted every Juventus attack until Ronaldo finally found the net in the 83rd minute from 8 yards out. The Old Lady had more than 70% of the procession but the stats show that they didn’t make it count to the full extent. They managed 30 shots out of which only 8 of them were on target. They hardly troubled the opposition goalkeeper in the first half and are expected to much better given the quality they possess in their team. They managed only two shots on target in the first half, where Ronaldo looked like the most likely scorer in a Juventus shirt as he tested the reflexes of the goalkeeper with two well-hit drives that were parried away. 

Even though the Bernardeschi fired in a second goal in stoppage time that made the victory look convincing, it was far from one. There were hardly any instances in the game where Juventus looked close to their best, but as they say it’s the three points that is important and that’s what they got. The only other time when Juventus came close to challenging the goalkeeper was when Alex Sandro fired a shot from close range that was just about a foot away from the post in the second half. After a bad start to the season, it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is slowly but gradually finding his feet, and once he does everyone knows there is hardly anything that can stop him from doing what he does best and that’s why he’s one of the best if not the best player to ever grace the football pitch. 

Inter Milan 1 – 0 Sampdoria | Serie A 2018/19

Inter Milan 1 - 0 Sampdoria | Serie A 2018/19

Inter Milan beat Sampdoria as an uber-dramatic match ended 1-0 in their favor in their Serie A tie on Sunday.

Marcelo Brozovic scored the winner and the only goal of the match deep into injury time in a match starring a number of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) controversies.

Inter boss Luciano Spalletti was under rising pressure after getting just one win in four league games. His side were utterly furious at their 1-0 defeat against Parma last week after the VAR was not consulted for a possible handball inside the box.

Inter and Sampdoria both began the match energetically, creating a number of opportunities each in the first half of the game before Radja Nainggolan had a goal disallowed for an offside from Mauro Icardi by VAR right before the break. The decision seemed harsh on Inter as it prevented them going into the second half with a deserved lead.

VAR came into action yet again as Kwadwo Asamoah also had a goal disallowed after a review, this time because the ball went out of play for a goal-kick in the 88th minute. Antonio Candreva and Mauro Icardi also had a couple of chances after the break but were unfortunate, not to find the net.

This time it was Sampdoria who were the side punished by VAR when Gregoire Defrel also had a goal disallowed for offside in the 91st minute. Just a few minutes later, when the match seemed stagnant, Marcelo Brozovic capitalized on a Sampdoria mistake and struck a low shot through the fingertips of Audero in the 94th minute to give his side the three points.

This was the second consecutive win, after their thrilling match against Tottenham. This result leaves them in the 9th place with 7 points from 5 games.

Inter are set to host third-placed Fiorentina in their next Serie A fixture on Wednesday, 26th September.