So says Google’s dictionary on the meaning of “Sportsmanship”

Now the reason behind inserting this little piece of information is to simply highlight what it truly means to be a “good sport”, a concept that seems to lack in today’s world. It doesn’t matter if it’s the world of sports or just life in general. But today the topic of the issue is the ugly side of humanity that insists on showing its face to ruin what could be a lovely and fair game between two opposing teams. And importantly, honor the spirit of sportsmanship.

Like every other country ruled by the British, India learned cricket from its colonial masters. Yet ironically, over the years the country has performed much better than its erstwhile tutors and is right now regarded as one of the strongest cricketing countries. Unfortunate though it may be, it is a fact that cheating and match-fixing are part of the sporting world, and cricket in India is no exception. CSK’s and RR’s latest scandal where they were found guilty of betting and match-fixing and plenty of others who have come before are living proof that the dirty hands of politics have planted its seeds in the game.

It is true that competition brings the worst in us when the purpose is lost. Politics rears its ugly head and in the name of winning, people tend to indulge in cheating with no regard for the consequences on the team, the fans and the spirit of the game. The more people put importance on winning the game, the less importance is given on the spirit of sportsmanship.

So the question arises, who do we blame? The fans who insist that their teams win and ridicule and insult them if they lose? Or do we blame the those who indulge for falling into this pit? Because at the end of the day, “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”