War-Torn Afghanistan is living proof that cricket is not just a loved sport watched by spectators all over the world. It is a sport that enriches lifestyle and for those who are capable, it provides them with the kind of living that a layman can only dream about at night. Such is the story of our popular Afghan players siding with Sunrisers Hyderabad – Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan.

While the big players were benched in the IPL, these two represented SRH with pride. What seemed to look like an easy going journey, it was filled with hurdles that tried to pull them down. From terrorism and staying in refugee camps to lack of cricket grounds, it was a lot less than ideal for them. Since then, it’s been approximately a year and life couldn’t get any better for these Afghan players.

Due to their rise in fame, Nabi and Rashid have featured in all leagues of the world. They started off with one stint in the IPL and kept going up from there to stints like Caribbean Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, Pakistan Super League. In an interview with Sportstar last year, Rashid had admitted that it is the IPL that has changed his career.

Born in a refugee camp in Peshawar where he learned the nuances of the game, Nabi has become a vital player in the Afghan team’s journey and has gone on to represent Afghanistan in 98 ODIs and 60 T20s. Nabi said, “There are times when I sit and recollect my entire journey. Life has been a challenge but cricket has taught us to not only fight on the field but also off it,”

Being a part of Cricket has enriched lives for everyone who managed to make a debut at it. It truly is an inspiration to watch these men go from rags to riches, stuff that usually happens only in fairy tales.