Cricket is an emotional game, it’s a common feat to witness a small victory dance by a player whenever he scores a wicket or does something spectacular. Such an act is a simple way for the players to express their joy and pride over their team and themselves. In the spirit of sportsmanship and playing a game that they love, here are a few West Indies players who dance have won the hearts of the fans:

As we all know Chris Gayle is very famous for hitting long sixes if this IPL is any indication. He is also one of the most entertaining players to take the field. His unique style is brought out after he scores and manages to bring a smile to everyone’s face. The cricketer isn’t someone who chooses to hold himself back and lets his emotions show. He has recently danced to a Punjabi song, portraying his ever excited nature.

These Caribbean cricketers have been seen celebrating on the ground quite often with their dancing. Dwayne Bravo and Darren Sammy were seen setting themselves free and go into an impromptu dance. Especially Bravo’s calypso dance moves a during games, which has taken the internet by storm.

Not to mention, the likes of Jofra Archer, who has certainly made his presence felt in this Indian Premier League 2018 with a stellar performance for Rajasthan Royals against Mumbai Indians on Sunday 22 April. Archer celebrated the wickets he scored with a cheery smile and his signature ‘telephone’ dance move. Similarly, the likes of Andre Russell, Lungi Ngidi, and Carlos Brathwaite have also been seen having their small moment on the field. Lungi Ngidi, after bought by CSK, said he was in love with ‘lungi dance’, he took to Twitter to mention this new found love, making it into the news.

Throughout these years, suddenly springing into a dance move when something brilliant happens on the field is very common and quite an entertainment to the spectators. This emotional way to express their joy is heartening to the fans and it simply makes us fall in love with these players even more.

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