Chelsea Football Club has been one of the most successful clubs in England over the past decade consistently filling their cabinet with trophies. But what astonishes people is how consistently Roman Abramovic gives managers the sack, the Russian has had 14 different managers at the club since he took over in the summer of 2003. 

2018, 14 managers later Chelsea find themselves in a similar situation, Antonio Conte has had a below average season and if the club’s past track record is taken into consideration Chelsea will have a new manager at the start of the 2018/19 campaign. A lot of names have popped up and are in contention for the top job at Stamford Bridge but former Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri seems like the frontrunner. The potential vacancy at Chelsea has started a domino effect of some sorts, Carlo Ancelotti has been appointed as Napoli Manager and Sarri is looking for a new club, Antonio Conte, on the other hand, has handed the Chelsea Board a ‘Back me or Sack me’ ultimatum, ” I think after two years the club know me very well. And if they want to continue to work with me, they know very well. I can’t change. My way is always the same and I work to build a strong mentality with the players. I can’t change, I am this and my past speaks very clear as a manager and a player. I am a serial winner. I showed this in England after a tenth place and also today as we found the right way to win this trophy. I am very happy for the players and for our fans and at the same time, I am happy for the club. The decision, I have brought two trophies in two seasons.” 

Reports suggest that Sarri and Chelsea have already held talks and are progressing in the right direction.

Chelsea has always Sacked managers but the trophies have never stopped coming. It would be interesting to see how Sarri copes with the immense pressure and whether he’s any better than his 14 predecessors. 

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