On 4th April 2018, Juventus stadium was a witness to one of the most beautiful moments to ever happen in football. The Champions League quarter-finals which ended with 3-0 (Real Madrid vs Juventus), saw football legend, Christiano Ronaldo performing his brilliant bicycle kick.

His second goal for the Spanish giants caused a huge stir in the stadium. The kick was one of the greatest strikes the 33-year-old Portuguese player has ever performed. He rose almost unnaturally high before kicking the ball towards the corner of the net. Seconds after, the entire stadium broke out in applause for Ronaldo and gave him a standing ovation.

BBC Radio 5 live’s Pat Nevin, who was at the game, was equally speechless. “When the ball comes across to him you think: ‘Oh, you’re not going to try an overhead kick.’ And then, bang! Oh wow! Just see it, watch it,” said the former Scotland winger.

When asked about the goal, Ronaldo said, “Obviously people are talking about the second goal, it was amazing, probably the best of my career, It was spectacular. I jumped very high and it’s a goal that will live long in the memory. I’ve been looking to do it for a while, but it depends on the circumstances of the game. It just came to me to give it a go, you always have to try it. I tried it today and it came off.”

Christiano Ronaldo has scored 39 goals in 36 games for Real Madrid this season, which is more goals than anyone else who plays in one of Europe’s top five leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). We hope to see more such brilliant moves by the Portuguese star.