You’re sitting in the stadium, watching the whole spectacle of the sport. Your favorite player comes to take the stand to bat, and the bowler bowls hoping to get him out, but he scores and the ball flies up so high, scoring a six! And the best part? You were right there to witness this moment along with a stadium full of fans. Everybody cheering their team, and having a blast! Now that, my friends, is what the Indian Premier League is all about. The novelty of the experience has brought so many people together at the same place, at the same time.

IPL sure has grown with the rise in viewership in TV and stadium. The appeal of it mainly lies in its marketing, advertising, and packaging. Furthermore, the short format of the games itself allows the viewers to be present at the venue, and at the same time keep track of their time. The inclusion of international players has also boosted its viewership, improving the quality of the sport.

For the past decade, IPL has been one of the most sensational events to ever occur in India. People all over the world flock to watch their team play. It’s an even that is a host to families of all ages. It’s not uncommon to see toddlers with their team’s design on their faces. It’s no longer the stereotypical male dominant game, instead of grandparents, housewives, college students, career women, retired folk, and schoolchildren are more often than not seen at the venue.