“Ee Sala Cup Namde!”, a catchline that translates to ‘This Time, The Cup Is Ours’ has become a phenomenon all over social media, highlighting the fact that Royal Challengers Bangalore hasn’t won the cup in eleven seasons. Bangaloreans have come up with this slogan to rally behind their team and at the same time having a lot of fun with it. People have been showcasing their sense of humor with this slogan, coming up with spoofs and memes all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, youtube etc. Though the one who coined this phrase is not known, people all over Bangalore have gone gaga over it. The popularity of this tagline has even resulted in RCB using it as its slogan this IPL season.

However, it would seem that this slogan holds true for this season as well and the new trending troll taking over the internet is “Next Sala Cup Namde!” which translates to “Next Year The Cup Is Ours!”. A local cafe, ‘Harsha Cafe’ in Mandya, Karnataka has changed the tagline from “Ee Sala Cup Namde!” to “Next Sala Cup Namde!” on their bills. This hilarious change on the slogan further highlights the poor performance of RCB, causing more memes and laughter on social media.

This is not the first time that this troll has come back to haunt RCB. Earlier, their former batsman and current Kings XI Punjab star KL Rahul was seen in a video taking a slight dig at his old franchise by saying, ‘Ee Saala Cup Namde’ after his side’s win.

With these trolls all over the internet, RCB is further pressurized in their endeavor to get the cup. The question is, will the twelfth time be a charm or will the trolls soon become “Will The Cup Ever Be Ours?”