Germany has had an abysmal year, and things have just gotten worse as Die Mannschaft are now relegated to the Second Division of the UEFA Nations League.

By virtue of Netherlands’ 2 – 0 Victory over France, Germany finds themselves relegated to the second division of the Nations League. So what has really led Joachim Low’s Men to this bad situation considering just a year back Germany were dominating teams en route to a successful Confederations Cup Victory. So here are five major Talking Points that are more or less the reason for Germany’s Relegation.

1. Overconfidence and later on the lack of any confidence.

An obvious one. Let’s face it, The Germans were a tad bit Overconfident before the World Cup, and it was evident in their playing style. They were just Complacent and lethargic, to a large extent, it seemed like they thought the Players’ individual qualities would be enough to push them through and get results without really gelling together as a unit. Given that they were placed in a group with Mexico, South Korea, and Sweden it’s safe to say that Joachim Low’s Men considered themselves too superior in Russia and didn’t show their opponents enough respect. 

By the time the Nations League came around the 2014 World Champions were already drained out in Controversies and the embarrassment of that early World Cup exit. So much so that they seemed to have lost their confidence completely.


2. The controversy surrounding discrimination on the basis of ethnicity.

The world is extremely diverse, and Countries are becoming immensely heterogeneous in Nature, and expectedly players of different ethnic origins are representing different countries based on where they were brought up. The German national team didn’t really take well to the ethnic diversity as reports of discrimination emerged with players like Mesut Ozil, Ilkay Gundogan and Leroy Sane being reported as the victims. 

The issue got so ugly that Mesut Ozil quit the German National team and announced a Pre-Mature retirement from International Football. Though there have been no advancements made it’s pretty evident that there will be some sort of tension surrounding Joachim Low’s Men in the Dressing room.


3. Crumbling Defence

The German National team have kept 3 Clean Sheets in 12 games and though they looked impressive in a 3-0 Victory against Russia, the Defending has been a legitimate problem for the Germans and partially that boils down to captain Manuel Nueur’s form. The Bayern and Germany Keeper hasn’t hit the ground running after recovering from his Injury and as of 15th November 2018 has a save percentage of 46.2% which is the second worse in Europe’s top 5 leagues. Furthermore, the experienced defenders like Jerome Boateng did look shaky in the World Cup which led to the chance of giving younger defenders like Antonio Rudiger and Niklas Sule getting a chance in the team. None of these defenders are bad players, it’s just that the defence is going through a transition phase with the new guard replacing the new.


4. Joachim Low’s Influence

Is Joachim Low’s time as Germany Manager up? well, we aren’t the only ones asking that question. Former German International Michael Ballack was surprised that after a shambolic World Cup Joachim Low was able to keep his job as Germany Manager, He said “I was surprised as well as many other people that he kept his job. You should analyze it, really, and not just say ‘we will analyze that’ when you have already made the decision to keep the coach. That’s not a real analysis.”

Whether Low gets to keep his job or not is a question only the German board can answer and irrespective of the answer it’s safe to say that Low is losing his influence over the team.


5. Transitional adjusting

When Bayern Munich and Germany Midfielder Leon Goretzka was asked to comment on his Country’s relegation from the Nations League and the overall performances he said “I think we are in Process of turning a page Some older Players are no longer here. They were the ones who became World Champions and now it’s time to follow their footsteps”  

In almost every position since the 2014 World Cup, the Germans have a young talented player replacing a World Champion. Though these players have shown promise, Like Timo Werner, Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich the Pressure to perform as well as their predecessors probably go to them. Die Mannschaft is in a transitional phase and though it hasn’t been smooth so far they will be hoping to qualify for the UEFA Euro 2020 and put the bad performances behind them.

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