UEFA Champions League Highlights: Manchester United and Mourinho disappointed not being able to win at Home as a goal by Dybala take away 3 points for Juventus.

There was once a time when Old Trafford would cherish such nights. It is games like these that supporters live for – Juventus VS Manchester United, it was more than just a match. It was an occasion. Except for the fact that those were the days when the men in Red from Manchester could hold their own against the best of opponents. The days when it felt like anything was achievable and winning the European cup was not just a dream. Sadly, it feels very different now. The defeat was yet another testament to the fact that one of England’s greatest clubs have come a long way and dropped immensely since the post-Ferguson times and it must have been a really hurtful experience watching Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United, especially for those who remember those times. 

It was a match that proved that this United team has a long way to go before they reach anywhere close to their best, they survived a mauling from their former man Cristiano Ronaldo – although he did set up the only goal of the game the story of the match was of one team who are clearly a work in progress and another whose players are finally in tune with one another. Juventus started the game with great authority and assumed control with a goal from Dybala who was arguably the best player on the pitch. Juventus did get away with some silly errors in the second half, but although the front men of Manchester are good players, they are frankly not good enough to cause players like Bonucci and Chiellini especially on a big European night.

Ronaldo however, might have a touch of frustration that he could not have a big impact on the game by his already large standards although it was his cross that led to the match winner in the 17th minute through Dybala, a finish that was rather easy for a player of the calibre of Paulo Dybala. The rest of the first half was certainly startling for the home fans who had turned out in numbers as they always do. It was David De Gea’s heroics that kept the score down, but rather than the imbalance of talent, it was more of an imbalance in effort and teamwork. Passes went astray and it was not one man but the almost the entire midfield. Matic was way off his mark while Pogba was the one waving his apologetic hand on most other occasions. The match ended yet again with the sight of Mourinho holding up three fingers to the Italian fans to show that he won the treble with Inter in 2010, just like in Chelsea where he showed them to remind the fans of the three league titles he won them. But unfortunately for Jose and Manchester United, on nights like these, his achievements feels a long time ago.


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