Manchester United pulled off an unbelievable 3-2 win against Newcastle United last night but what does this change in fortune mean for Jose Mourinho? Mourinho has come under heavy scrutiny over the last couple of weeks and “the Mirror” even reported on Friday that Mourinho will get the sack anytime next week, irrespective of the result against Newcastle United. Now before the Newcastle game, if you were to ask any Manchester United fan if Mourinho should get the sack, a good majority would want to ship him out of the Club. But given the performance against Newcastle, a lot of people, probably even the United board will be in two minds about the decision. To go with a mid-season sacking, United will also have to shell out a 29 Million Pound severance package if they’re going to pull the trigger on Jose Mourinho but will need to only pay 10 Million Pounds if they sack him in the Summer provided, United don’t qualify for the Champions League (According to the Sunday Mirror).

There have been contrasting reports in the Media with respect to Mourinho and his ‘Potential Replacement’, Zinedine Zidane. The Mirror reported that Manchester United have put Zinedine Zidane on standby for the United job and have told him to stay available as they could pull the trigger on Jose Mourinho at any time. The report seems pretty plausible considering Manchester United did a similar thing with former Manager Louis Van Gaal when they put Jose Mourinho on standby before sacking the Dutch Manager. Life comes full circle, doesn’t it?

A second and more recent report that’s doing the rounds comes from English Channel Sky Sports. The report suggests that Zinedine Zidane will not move to Manchester United and his agent, Alain Migliaccio has gone on the record to say that Zidane isn’t interested in a move to England. According to his translated quote in French Newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, He said “He chose to take a sabbatical year. He will not dive back in before. I do not think he’s going to coach in England; it’s not his style. I’ve discussed it with him, it does not really appeal to him.”

These reports do have some substance but till Manchester United themselves takes any action, we can only speculate. With the International break taking place this week, United certainly have a few days to sort things out, till then we will just have to wait and watch.

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