Rashid Khan has now become an internationally acclaimed star-bowler and sensation after his great performance in this IPL. Certainly, a lot of SRH fans would be looking forward to next year’s games. Just when I feel, Rashid Khan has proven himself enough, I am constantly proven wrong. Not only has the 19-year-old set fire during the IPL games but also has successfully set new records and milestones for other emerging as well as existing cricketers to follow. Khan emerged out of the IPL, second in line for the purple cap, by scoring 21 wickets. 

Recently, Afghanistan played against Bangladesh and emerged victories by taking six wickets down, in 11 overs, by the combined efforts of Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan, and Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Rashid Khan, alone holding a figure of 3/13. Khan has also worked his way into the small group of 18 cricketers who have scored 50 T2OI wickets, positioning himself in the topmost league of cricketers. The very talented spinner has set a world record by crossing the 50 mark in the shortest time period!. He has a successfully scored 51 wickets in just 31 matches. 

However, he does not stop here. He has crossed another great record of 100 wickets of ODI in 52 games, set by Mitchell Starc. This record is 18 years old, set when Khan was just a year old. Khan broke his record by scoring a 100 runs in 44 matches, 8 matches lesser than his predecessor. He is the fastest bowler, securing a place on the top. Currently, ranked at the second position in ODI cricket, it will be no surprise if he races to the top very soon and becomes the number one ODI cricketer. 

Love and appreciation are pouring in for the young cricketer who most certainly has a bright future! 

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