Just over a year ago, Vinicius Junior was more than a promising kid. He then already stood out as a star of Flamengo, where he always acted in categories above his age. However, he was still far from being the celebrity he has now become, especially after Real Madrid committed to paying about 42 million euros to hire him.

With only 17 years old, the boy acquired an infrequent visibility and status in such a young footballer. In his first season in the first team of Flamengo, he played 37 games, but only five as a starter, and scored four goals. Accumulate an average of just 28.7 minutes per match. With two different coaches, Ze Ricardo and Reinaldo Rueda, he failed to leave the reserve condition for the first team despite the insistent requests of the fans.


The prodigy of Brazilian football

Vinicius Junior is considered the prodigy of Brazilian football, as upcoming Neymar. His contract had been extended to three years to 2022, apparently with the intention of making him fast expensive. The performances of Vinicius Junior caused quite a stir for quite some time, and there are several YouTube compilations of his best scenes. These dine almost exclusively from youth games. The talent scored 19 goals in 22 games for the Brazilian U17.


Lopetegui era

Vinicius Junior came to Real Madrid without much fuss but left a pleasant impression. The Brazilian showed in the pre-season that is for great things, drawing the attention of much of Real Madrid; however, the then Real Madrid coach Julen Lopetegui did not give him a first team start.  Even in the European Super Cup against Atletico de Madrid, it was surprising that Lopetegui did not enter Vinicius and chose Borja Mayoral.


Youngster convinces at the start

The young Brazilian at the age of 18 delivered convincing performance and a taste of what could become a habit in the future. No other created more chances than he did. Vinicius almost scored goals as well. In the final phase, he hit with a powerful shot but only at the bottom of the bar in his first match. “To me, this was a very important game that will shape my career,” said the excited South American. No wonder, for the first time he was in a match from the very beginning of the real professionals. Santiago Solari, who also debuted as an interim, helped him to the premiere. During the past few weeks, Vinicius has primarily featured in Solari’s team. They know each other well. “Under him, Vinicius will play more, he is a coach who likes him a lot,” said a Spanish online media.


Vinicius impresses on

“It’s slow and developing, we see all the talent, but football demands even more things,” said Solari of the offensive gem. The 42-year-old who took the role of coach, and in his opening match, called his players to “show their balls” in Melilla. “Solari’s Real Madrid is more of Vinicius than of Eggs,” a famous Spanish magazine said. The new “Vinicius recommends a regular place” was already ready for famous Marca after the appearance in Melilla. “He took his chance,” wrote another. “He has shown all his potential,” pronounced Mundo Deportivo.


Vinicius consultant is said to have agreed with Barca!

The only critical comment came from a Catalan newspaper, something like from the archives of FC Barcelona. How can it be different? “He is still very green behind his ears to be a crucial player and there is still a long way to go before that,” said the newspaper. That’s right, but for Catalonia, they are probably a little jealous that Vinicius is wearing the white shirt – and not their favorite one. There were claims that Barca’s eyes were on South American rather than the ‘Real’ one. There was also an agreement with Vinicius adviser also. Vinicius chose Real, but not to be the new Ronaldo there as he liked to learn from the world’s best players.


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