There is a thin line between passion and arrogance, and more often than not some players tend to cross over to the dark side. Virat Kohli is one such player who is often blamed for his aggressive nature on and off the field. The Indian cricketer is notorious for spurting out colorful language on the field. But the question is, is this aggression really arrogance?

In Jan 2016 India lost the one-day international series to Australia. Similarly, in January 2018, we were 0-2 down loss to South Africa and Kohli losing his cool at a press conference after that. While there are many issues being brought to light regarding our recent fiasco, Virat Kohli’s behavior has been one of those issues being discussed and brought to light.

Kohli was always known for his brash and aggressive personality on the field and has been this way since the beginning. Lots of speculation have arisen about this behavior and how it would affect his game. But it would seem that it hasn’t yet. He simply got better at the game. Kohli is one of the rare sorts of players on whom captaincy had no effect whatsoever. Before Kohli became the captain, his Test average was 41.1. As captain, he managed to average an amazing 65.9. The kind of average which is unheard of in today’s Test cricket. In the 2014 T20 World Cup he managed to score 72(44) in the semis, 77(58) in the final, in the semis of the 2016 edition it was 89(47). In ODIs, he has a winning percentage of 78.6 in contrast to MS Dhoni’s 59.8, making him one of the best cricketers out there.

Many people bring up the ICC Champions Trophy final where Kohli’s spat with coach Anil Kumble led to a Team India crash and could be a possible reason why we lost the tournament. Is this arrogance? Some would say that his victories have gotten into his head, hence leading to his aggressive and sometimes arrogant nature. There are some critics who also say that his aggressiveness is helping him, but not the team.

On the other hand, his marriage to Anushka Sharma has caused him to perform poorly in IPL matches as of late. Could this be that his marriage has made him less arrogant and aggressive which in turn has caused him to be off his game? It would be an interesting topic to look into. But at the end of the day, his critics will continue to call him ‘arrogant’ and his fans ‘aggressive’. But it doesn’t look like he’ll be bothered by this anytime soon.

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