Chelsea have consistently been one of the most successful teams of this century, especially since Roman Abramovich came to West London and pumped the Club with Russian Money. The one thing that has happened consistently along with success is a long list of Managers that have taken the reins at Stamford Bridge. Almost a recurring theme at the Club, they Sign a Manager, he does well, and the moment he slips up there is no second thought, and he’s shown the door. Therefore it’s safe to say that Chelsea is probably the most unpredictable team in the League and no predictions can be made when it comes to the Blues. But let’s give it a shot shall we? 

First up, Chelsea have made a perfect start to the Premier League, winning 4 out of 4 games including an exciting 3-2 win over Arsenal. Things are looking up for Maurizio Sarri and his men but the Blues will need to make sure they continue improving, and The “Sarriball” continues to dominate. Realistically what Chelsea fans can expect from this Season is a Top 4 Finish, maybe pushing for the 3rd place at the most. So what does Chelsea need to do for that to happen?


Continue playing attacking Football 

Chelsea are playing a much more attractive and attacking style of Football under Maurizio Sarri and the Blues are getting the desired results. Under Sarri the West Londerers have kept a bulk of the possession and have recorded the highest number of passes in the Premier League (2,996 passes as of 10th September 2018). If Chelsea can continue playing with the same amount of flair and vigor, they really could go all the way.


Sort Out the Defence

The West Londoners haven’t looked very solid defensively, especially David Luiz who has switched off at crucial moments and has been shambolic in 1 on 1 situations Marcos Alonso has been impressive but can improve defensively. The Blues also have a new Custodian on Board in the form of Kepa Arizzabalga it will take time for the Spaniard to build some understanding with his defense. 

Strikers will need to come to the party.

Yes, Morata and Giroud have been below par but they’re both not traditional Premier League strikers. Giroud is a Target man who makes the rest of the frontline looks good while Morata is a Striker that needs a little more room to operate compared to most Strikers in the English game. Giroud seems more suited against smaller teams who defend deep while Morata can wreck real havoc against traditional Football playing teams. If it doesn’t work out we know Sarri likes playing Wingers in a false Nine position, so The Blues have quite a lot of options. 


The Top 4 should be a realistic goal for Chelsea but Sarri and his men will have to work their socks off.






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