We have all been to school and some of us are currently in school as well. We see a variety of people around us and school is the first stepping stone to understanding the world around us and the kind of people that inhabit it. Now imagine, you had members of the Indian cricket team as students in your classroom.

Let’s have a look at how this would work out, looking at the topmost Indian cricketers:

Yuvraj Singh as the guy who keeps saying ‘Chill bro!’

Whether you like it or not, there is always one person who keeps trying to cool your temper by saying two very mindless words “Chill bro”. You know he means well and probably has even thought everything through before giving you this great suggestion, but the way he puts it puts you off completely. He is constantly chilled out, cracks endless jokes and follows all kinds of meme pages because he believes laughter is the best medicine.

Virat Kohli as the ‘Cool-yet-smart backbencher’

This is the most obvious image of Kohli that flashes through my mind. There is always the one guy in the class who sits at the very back, acts like he’s too cool for everyone and yet he tops the class. He knows the latest trends, has a very carefree attitude, is a bit annoying and teachers are not always very fond of him but girls seem to like him a lot. This, thus, makes him the guy others envy because of his unfair combo of great looks and brain.

MS Dhoni as the ‘Ideal student’

Dhoni is known for his great captaincy skills, performance, and even personality. Needless to say, there is always a smart student who helps others out when they need it. He does not turn them away like some of the snobby toppers do. Whether it be homework, classwork or preparing for tests, he does it all. This guy though is street-smart and book-smart. When the need arises, he can dominate them all and pull the strings because he has the personality, has gained their respect and also they all owe him favors!

Harmanpreet Kaur as the ”don’t-mess-with me girl’ 

Our fierce Harmanpreet is indeed someone you cannot mess with. She is the one who works very hard, is completely focused and simply refuses to be put down by anyone at all. She has in store the best comebacks, the strongest arguments and is the girl who blows everyone away during the debate competitions. Everyone thinks twice before challenging her because most of the people are intimidated by her.

Mithali Raj as the ‘All-rounder’

She is the one girl who attempts to maintain peace in class as Harmanpreet attempts to challenge everyone around her. She is usually the class monitor has won the favor of the teachers and the students alike. She is dedicated to studying as well. She continually saves Kaur from trouble as they are close friends. She participates in all the dance, singing and acting competitions gets the lead roles in plays because of her unmistakable talent and is nice and caring, hence, liked generally, but maybe not all because she’s an all-rounder.

Smriti Mandhana as the ‘New Girl’

We have always come across a new girl, who when suddenly joins the class, garners a lot of attention and suddenly becomes the center of everything. Smriti is essentially that girl. She joined the class and stood out completely. She became best friends with Mithali and they both are usually seen hanging out. Smriti is the more carefree girl, who does not want to impress anyone. She dresses as she likes, talks as she likes, does what she wants. Not all the teachers like her because she’s too ‘bold’ but she loves how she is and won’t change for anyone.

Harbhajan Singh as the ‘Moh-toh-dunga guy’

This literally translates to the: ‘I’ll break his face’ guy. He would be the guy in class who chills at the back, doesn’t pay attention and annoys his friends to no end because of his short-temper. If you need to hurt someone, he is your man. He would bring along two side-kicks in order to do your job. Everyone is afraid of him because you really can’t beat him and he is very dominating, gets his work done, whether you like it or not.

Rishabh Pant as the ‘Child of the group’

The innocent and sweet guy of the class, who all the teachers like, is usually adopted by one of the coolest groups and is nurtured, home-grown and turned ‘cool’. The adoptive group, would, however, always consider him their own child, protect him, teach him and stand up for him whenever needed. He is one of their dearest friends and being really nice himself, he makes sure he gives his undivided attention and respect to everyone in the group. He has potential to become the group leader eventually, because of his charming personality and the love and trust that he has won from the group.

It would be an interesting class to be a part of.

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