1. Contagious Leadership
– The confidence which Shreyas showed towards the team was not only contagious but the team seemed to look forward to the young skipper who was playing his first match as the captain in IPL

2. Super Encouragement
– Shreyas has been a performer throughout the season (52, 57 and the second score in
90s). It made a lot of difference. On top of this, the boost he gave to young Prithvi was super.

3. Catches win Matches
– Absolutely smoldering on the ground. We could listen to Prithvi shouting for the catch and he nailed it.

4. Charged Dressing Room
– Known to infuse energy and being joyful in the dressing room, Delhi Daredevils are in luck to have him as their captain.

Right from Boult to Prithvi to even Bret Lee from the box, heaps of praises for him. Go boy go…