Indian women cricketers are mostly never in the limelight, which is a sad sight due to the fact that they are immensely hard-working, talented and dedicated and deserve everything the male cricket team has received and more. A lot of us have a few names ringing a bell when we think of the Indian Woman cricket team such as Captain Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana, and Harmanpreet Kaur. The rest are mostly unknown. Their matches need to be well advertised, watched and credited.

Rachna .S. Kumar is a name that goes unnoticeable. She, however, as one of the best stories of her success and is one worth listening to. In case you didn’t know, Rachna currently plays for the Hyderabad team and has been one of the top performers lately. In the recent match against Goa, she outdid herself in the Under 23 competition. Her team rolled out 220 runs with her being the highest scorer hitting 65 runs in 96 balls and scoring 4 fours. Being a great all-rounder, she and Prasanna took 3 wickets and bowled out Goa at a very sad score of 96. 

There is a lot of biases and unnecessary struggle at the centers if women have to join. However, Rachna is one of those girls who stood up for her right and came out victories. Her journey began when she was just 9 years old, with a strong desire and passion. When she initially walked into the Arshad Ayub Academy at a time when coaches were known to turn girls away merely because they felt it was a waste of their time. She was judged there on the basis that she would not be able to play with boys and was asked to leave. However, our Rachna is not someone who would be ready to simply turn away. This is what she said to them: “I’m better than the boys. I’ll show you. I want to”

Rachna then goes onto talk about how some of her friends desire to play cricket, simply for recreational purposes and have no chances to be able to do so. “I have a lot of friends who want to play cricket just for fun,” “They don’t want to take it up seriously, so joining the women’s academy in Gymkhana [Hyderabad] would be pointless, but then again, there is nowhere else they can go. It would really help if there were other places where girls could learn to play recreational cricket, even if they aren’t serious about it”. Girls are faced with a lot of fiction when it comes to them being trained with boys. Which is certainly laughable, because if they are trained together, it would benefit them both. Unfortunately, not all the coaches are ready for it. 

Rachna is of the few cricketers who are able to push their way through a ground level, some of them are turned away and a lot of them, who are unable to qualify for the senior team after the under-19 league games, just give up the sport. It is very saddening because there are not enough opportunities for women cricketers in order for them to be able to stick to the sport. A change is needed at the root level, only then will our wonderfully talented assortment of female cricketers get a chance. 

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